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Consumer Products Brand Identity Elements: A Guide

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Brands, today, don't just represent a product or service; they carry an ethos, a personality, and an assurance.

The market of consumer products is saturated and competitive. Brands, today, don’t just represent a product or service; they carry an ethos, a personality, and an assurance. A brand’s identity acts as its fingerprint in the vast marketplace, setting it apart and giving consumers a glimpse into its soul. This identity is a harmonious blend of various elements, from the visual cues like logos to the intangible aspects like values.

Logo Design

At the heart of a brand’s visual identity lies its logo. It’s the symbol that consumers often associate first and foremost with a company. The best logos are more than just attractive graphics; they encapsulate the essence of the brand and tell its story at a single glance. Creating such an emblem requires a deep understanding of the brand’s values and its promise to its customers.

Colour Palette

Colour, as a medium, communicates silently but effectively. It can evoke emotions, suggest certain feelings or even drive decisions. In branding, the colours chosen are not arbitrary. They are meticulously picked to align with the brand’s message and the emotions it wishes to elicit. A well-selected colour palette can subconsciously influence brand perception, making it pivotal.


The style and appearance of printed matter, typography, are often overlooked but play a massive role in brand perception. Fonts convey subtleties, tonalities, and can set the mood for communication. They can come across as playful or serious, modern or classic, casual or formal, influencing how consumers interpret the accompanying message.


The first tangible experience a consumer often has with a brand is through its packaging. It’s a physical manifestation of the brand’s promise. In the consumer products space, packaging has dual responsibilities: it has to protect the product and communicate the brand’s values, often compelling a consumer to pick it up off the shelf.

Tone of Voice

Every brand has a unique voice, a way in which it communicates with its audience. This tone of voice, whether it’s the playful banter of a youth-centric brand or the formal discourse of a luxury label, conveys the brand’s personality. Crafting this voice requires clarity on who the brand is and who it is speaking to.

Imagery & Photography

A picture speaks a thousand words, and for brands, the right imagery can convey stories, emotions, and promises. Imagery extends beyond just product photos; it encompasses every visual that the brand uses, each carrying a piece of the brand’s narrative.

Brand Values & Mission

Beyond the tangibles, a brand is also defined by its beliefs, its mission, and its promise to its stakeholders. These foundational elements act as the brand’s north star, guiding its actions, its communications, and its relationships. They instil trust and create an emotional bond with consumers.

Online Presence & Digital Design

In our digitised world, a brand’s online presence often serves as its primary storefront. Websites, social profiles, apps—all these digital touchpoints offer an experience, tell a story, and build a relationship. A cohesive and engaging online identity is crucial in today’s digital-first consumer landscape.

Sound & Music

In multimedia communications, sound elements add a dimension to the brand experience. A jingle, a brand sound cue, or even the background score in an advertisement can trigger brand recall and enhance emotional engagement.

Brand Guidelines

As a brand grows and evolves, ensuring consistency becomes pivotal. Brand guidelines act as the rulebook, detailing how each element of the brand’s identity should be represented. It ensures that the brand’s image remains consistent, regardless of where and how it’s presented.

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Creating a brand identity is a nuanced process. It’s about weaving together various elements, each pivotal, to craft a narrative that’s unique to the brand. In the crowded consumer products space, this identity is the beacon that helps consumers navigate towards the brand. It’s not just about recognition; it’s about building trust, fostering relationships, and ensuring that the brand’s promise is consistently delivered at every touchpoint.

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